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Updated: Mar 29, 2019

What do Yachts, Homes, and Condos all have in common? Come along for a full real estate style showing of the Azimut 50' FLYBRIDGE and find out.

Every year in late January, while the city of Toronto is entering the depths of winter, I like to remind myself of warmer Ontario summer days by visiting the Toronto International Boat show. Over the past 30 years, visiting the show has become a regular tradition for me. When I walk by the wakeboard boats I always get reminded of how excited I would get as a kid of getting my first glimpse of all the new boats, checking out the latest water sports gear and meeting up with old friends that I haven’t seen since summer time. Those little sparks of excitement would pretty much hold me off until the ice would melt and then I would once again be back out on Lake Muskoka as soon as I possibly could. Nowadays, I’ve been living in Toronto for the past 10 years and rather than focusing on the wakeboard boats in Muskoka, I find myself taking more interest in the big waters of Lake Ontario and the yachts and sport cruisers that just make more sense for enjoying all of the adventures on the Great Lakes. But there is likely another reason why these big boats are capturing my attention these days. Shopping for a yacht has some pretty undeniable similarities to shopping for a home or condo. It’s not like shopping for a car. You’re not just going for a test drive or to kick tires. You’re looking at the bedrooms, the bathrooms, you’ll be exploring the floor plan, amenities, appliances, furniture. You’re walking through the space envisioning where you’ll be entertaining, making dinner, watching sunsets and enjoying life. So to properly shop for one of these yachts, you need a real estate style showing. One that will allow you to explore the yacht, be fully immersed and take the time to absorb all that the space has to offer. To get the full real estate style showing on a yacht, this year I made an appointment with Michael Ferrington. Michael is an expert from Pride Marine Group who was representing Azimut Yachts at the 2019 Toronto International Boat Show. At this year’s Toronto Boat show the asking price for the Azimut 50 was $2.7 million dollars. Even though this yacht is priced in the same snack bracket as a luxury home or condo in Toronto, the purchasing process is much more like buying a car, and there are options for financing and leasing. This 50 foot yacht is crafted in Italy. Much like shopping for a new home or condo, when you’re shopping for a new boat like this, there are a lots of customizable options available from the builder, including for this boat, the option to add a garage or alternatively, you can get additional living space for a crew or a captain. Some of the larger yachts from Azimut Benitti would allow you to add a hot tub, swimming pool, helipad or just about any luxury option you can find in a home or condo. There are also tons of tech gadgets to consider, everything from satellite connectivity to radar and specialized underwater lighting. The boat even comes with a gyro system known as the Seakeeper to make the boat sit perfectly still in the water and counterbalance any rocking back and forth you would experience from waves hitting the hull of the boat. If all of this sounds a little intimidating don’t worry because Pride Marine will deliver your new boat with a captain who will walk you though every detail on the boat and teach you step-by-step how to enjoy all your yacht has to offer on the big lakes.

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